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Futures Market


   Futures Market is a very important part of the in-game economic system. Futures trading can earn you lots of cash. You will be taught futures trading when you first enter the game.


There are 12 types of Futures. You can gain access to more advanced types of Futures when you upgrade your company level. The more advanced the type of futures, the bigger the price difference, the more profits you can obtain by trading them. All Futures prices change every 20 seconds. Each type of futures can be bought once after their prices are refreshed. You can use Gold to increase the times you can buy after each refresh. The maximum quantity of a single buy in transaction is 500. But there is no restriction on how much and when you are allowed to sell.

The price of each type of Futures will fluctuate against a basic price. The price difference will not exceed 50% of the basic price. You can find out the previous prices by checking the price chart which can help you make your next buying or selling decision in the Futures trading.