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Strategic Attack


Psychological Operations and Dissolutions are business harassment made by you to hurt other players' shops. There are several ways of Psychological Operations and Dissolutions which can create harm to shops' Willingness to Compete (WTC) and Media Coverage (MC).

Click on another player's shop and you can see the PSYOP (Psychological Operations) & Dissolution button.

There are 3 ways of harassing: Misinformation, Consumer Complaints and Dissolution.

Misinformation: Propagates misinformation through credit-rating agency against the shop to draw down its Willingness to Compete (WTC). The higher your PR level, the deeper the drawdown.

Consumer Complaints: Organizes disgruntled consumers to file complaints against the shop to draw down its Media Coverage (MC) The higher your PR level, the deeper the drawdown.

Dissolution:Propagates factoids, blending common misconceptions, to the tabloids about the shop to crumble its Media Coverage (MC) by 20. Unlike Consumer Complaints, repeated applications can cause MC to drop down to zero: it is demolished and removed from the land.


Click on the Psychological Operation you choose to adopt and it'll be put into effect.