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CEO Skills


CEO skills are indispensable capacities in developing a business. High level CEO skills can boost your career dramatically. There are 10 CEO skills in total and each of them has a special effect on your business running.

10 CEO Skills and their functions

Locksmithing: Knowledge from the great piece of financial works--Financial Management. It increases the Token Vault Size (TVS) or the Token storage limit. The higher the Locksmithing level, the larger the Token Vault Size (TVS) or the Token storage limit.


Pricing: Lessons taught by the great price master and a famous Harvard economist—Rost. It increases shop's Average Receivable per Demographics (ARPD). The higher the Pricing level, the higher the shop's Average Receivable per Demographics (ARPD).


Team Building: Experiences people learned from the management master—Covey. It improves the effects of Employee Communication, Education, and Training. Higher Team Building Skill you have, better effects will be yielded out. 


Interior Design: Experiences shared by business management masters. It increases shop's Customer Handling Capacity (CHC). Higher level skill, greater capacity.


Just In Time: Courses opened by Noah University, the most renowned high education institution in Noah City. It increases the upper limit of stocks in your shops. Higher level this skill is, greater stocks shops can have.


Multisourcing: Believes held by the procurement master—Bobby. It reduces cooldowns Sourcing Dept. needs for procurement. Higher level Multisourcing skill is, more efficient Sourcing Dept. will be.


Token Exchange: Recipes handed down from management masters. It increases Tokens exchanged from Guild. Higher level this skill is, more Tokens you can get from Guild.


Downsizing: Theories proposed in the great book of Salary Management Master. It reduces the salary you pay the employees. Higher level this skill is, more salary will be reduced.


Tax Mitigation: Essential knowledge of each businessman reducing Taxes paid to system. It reduces Taxes you pay to the system. Higher level this skill is, more Taxes will be reduced.


Renewable Energy: Tips given by the great architect Tim. It reduces Buildings' overheads. Higher level this skill is, more overheads will be reduced.