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The Apprentice


Access the "My Guild" panel by clicking the shortcut "Guild" at the bottom right corner of the main interface. You can see a "The Apprentice (PvE)" icon. Click to enter the panel, join the battle and challenge the Top 100 companies in the world with your guild members.

There are 10 maps of different difficulty levels in The Apprentice (PvE). Every map contains 5 Arenas where a large number of NPCs from the Top 100 companies in the world are stationed. The guild team must challenge the Arena one by one gradually. After defeating the NPCs, all participants can gain corresponding Tokens and Score as rewards according to different difficulty levels of the maps and their guild will also gain the Guild Fund. 

When a member of your guild has started The Apprentice (PvE), the other members can click the 'Sword' icon on the rival's head portrait to challenge it. The battle will adopt the mode of best of nine sets to decide the winner and every battle costs 10 minutes. If one side has 5 victories within 10 minutes, the battle will end.

When the Progress of the map reaches 100%, the Token gained from becoming the winner of the Arena in the Guild Wars (PvP) will increase. Players can take part in the fighting against the elite NPCs in The Apprentice (PvE) at any time.

In the battle, the judge will decide the winner according to the Biz Sense of both sides, as it is important for judging the strength of guild teams. Players can improve their Biz Sense by upgrading their company, learning management skills and buying cars.

After the start of The Apprentice (PvE), both sides must debate about the issues as economics, management, etc until one side gives up. When a guild team successfully gains 5 victories first, the battle will end.

Now call up your friends to join The Apprentice (PvE) to enjoy the fierce debate and gain bountiful Tokens and guild funds.