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Guild Wars


Guild Wars (PvP) is a "Player VS Player" system. Players can click the shortcut button "Guild" at the bottom right corner of the main interface to access the Guild Wars (PvP) panel as Apprentice (PvE). Guild Wars (PvP) opens during 10: 30-11: 30 and 20: 00-21: 00 (Server Time) every day. When the war started, all eligible guild members can click the vacant positions to participate in. Each guild team can only hold 9 members at most in each war.

There are 5 Arenas in the Guild Wars (PvP). Every guild can only enter the corresponding Arena of their guild level. When a guild team wins, all online members of this guild can receive Tokens as rewards. If their guild occupies the position of winner continuously, they can get Tokens every 5 minutes. The Tokens gained are subject to the Arena level and guild's progress in the Apprentice (PvE).

Every time a guild team wins, there will be 2-minute Protection Time. During the Protection Time, other guilds cannot launch attack to them. If there are other guild teams still fighting in this Arena, no matter they win or lose, the competition will be ended and they are considered to be failure.


When the Guild Wars (PvP) started, all the positions of the Arenas are vacant, waiting for the guild members to settle in. The first guild with 9 members settling in can be proclaimed winner.


Challenge Competition

When a guild becomes the winner of an Arena, the other guilds can challenge it. The judge of the competition will decide the winner according to the Biz Sense of both sides, as it is important for judging the strength of guild teams. Players can improve their Biz Sense by upgrading their company, learning management skills and buying cars.

After the start of the Guild War (PvP), both sides must debate about the issues as economics, management, etc until one side gives up. When a guild team successfully gains 5 victories first, the competition will end.

The competitions of Guild Wars (PvP) and Apprentice (PvE) are almost the same. However, the rivals in the Guild Wars (PvP) are the players of other guilds, which is more challenging compared with the so-called top 100 NPCs.