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Sectoral Senate


Sectoral Interests Senate is the most influential organization in Noah's business world. It consists of ten sectors: 9 industries and 1 sector or Premium shops. Every sector has a seat in the Senate and a Senator to represent the sector. Above all Senators there is the Chancellor who has the most power and reputation.

Click on the globe icon in the bottom middle of the game screen and enter the Sectoral district.


Sectoral Interests Senate

Each sector has influences on a particular industry. The senator of that sector could bring perks to the shops which are under that industry and owned by the senator's guild members. The amount of perks is decided by the senator's company level.

One must be a Guild President or Vice President and has a company of Lv 16+ to go for a Sectoral Senator. When elected or nominated as a senator, you are free to quit the seat or the election.

The election lasts for 24 hours. When the election ends, the one who gets the most ballots and the ballots exceed the required amount will be in the office of Senator. Senator will have a protection period of 24 hours after the election ends. During the protection period, he is immune to Impeachment.


Sector Senators


A Guild President or Vice President should draw at least 5 million Cash from his account as his Election Campaign Fund (ECF). One can only apply for one seat at one time.

Players with companies of Lv 16 or above have a right to vote. They can have a refund of Cash as the reward for voting for a candidate. The refunded Cash will be paid with the candidate's campaign fund.



As the Chancellor of the Senate, he has the right to adjust the Average Receivable Per Demographics (ARPD) of at most 30 companies' shops. The volume of adjustment depends on the Chancellor's company level.

The Election Campaign Fund (ECF) for Chancellor is 10 million Cash or above and it won't be returned to the candidate but can be used in his next election campaign. Candidate can add more Cash to his campaign fund during the election.



Each selected Senator has a protection period of 24 hours after the election ends. When the protection period ends, Guild Presidents from Lv 20+ Guilds, other Senators and the Chancellor can initiate impeachment to the senator. Impeachment lasts for 24 hours during which eligible players can vote for or against the impeachment. Voting will be ended 3 minutes earlier than the impeachment ends. If the for-votes have 51 percents or more, impeachment will be successful and the impeached Senator will be out of office at once. Otherwise impeachment fails and the Senator stays.

Chancellor can only be impeached by Senators. Other rules go the same as those for Senators.