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Ten Unique Features


Based on the brand new business management models, Bit Tycoon is the first hyper-real business simulation game operated by Clapalong, creating a unique business environment and bringing fresh management experience for the players. Now let's unveil the mystery of Biz Tycoon.


I. Fairer Competitive Environment

There will be no mall providing for fee-based items in the game, which avoids "Fast Food' game mode and brings a fair competitive environment for every player.


II. Full Screen Display

The common display size of traditional web game is 1024*768. When players use the computer monitor of 19 inches or above, there will be vacant space left around. As the new-generation web game, Biz Tycoon breaks through the barrier of display size. No matter how wide the screen, the game will adjust automatically, bringing open and smooth visual effect for players.


III. Vivid Dynamic Effects

The game draws together hundreds of both macro- and micro- dynamic factors, such as weather changes, architecture, vehicles and pedestrians. All are visible clearly in the game, magnificently rendered and offering the player a familiar game environment like the real world.


IV. Various Skills for Developing Company

Players can develop their companies through not only shop and employee system, but also learning various skills. They can choose their favorite skills to promote the strength of the company.


V. Nine distinct Industries, Various Shops

Nine distinct industries are set in the game, with different types of subordinate Shops. Each industry has its exclusive sales rate and CoGS%. 36 types of Shops are provided for players to run, increasing the incomes of the company.


VI. Unparalleled Public Infills System

The Public Infills are the facilities set around the shops to increase the perk of the shops, which is the most distinctive system for increasing incomes. Every Infill occupies 1 slot, but brings high revenues.


VII. Eighteen Attractive Landmarks

In the game, with the development of the company, the landmarks as Central Park, Subway Station, TV Tower and etc. will appear to attract more flow of crowds for the land. Different types of landmarks occupy different plot area and Geographical Coverage.


VIII. Unique Shop Exterior

The unique exteriors for different shops create a picturesque city in the game. The exterior of the shops will change in accordance with the increase of scale and floors.


IX. Perfect Plan Makes Max Profit

How to plan the construction of city is the deepest and most challenging issue for the business simulation game. Adjusting the layout of buildings and shops reasonably can optimize the management to maximize profit. There is no fixed model for the city construction and land planning in Biz Tycoon. Players should use their wisdom to create a prosperous business kingdom for themselves.


X. Hyper-real Business Simulation

Biz Tycoon is a kind of SIM game which is close to the real business life. In the game, it is not a daydream for being a boss, billionaire, property tycoon, business magnate. The beauties, limousines and luxury villa will come easily. The business challenge of regional development and department development for a company will lead you to the wonderland of wealth.