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A nice car is really important for a professional businessman like you. Cars can improve all shops' perk and the CEOs' Biz Sense. The more cars that you own, the more perks are added up to you shops and Biz Sense. Why don't you go pick out something nice?


Check out some of the cars:

Peugeot 207, Biz Sense + 0.2%, shop perks + 2%.


Saab 9-3, Biz Sense + 0.4%, shop perks + 4%.

BMW X3, Biz Sense + 0.6%, shop perks + 6%.

Hummer H2, Biz Sense + 1%, shop perks + 10%.

Lamborghini Reventon, Biz Sense + 1.5%, shop perks + 15%.

The Diligence Garage opens at weekends. All cars in the Diligence Garage can be exchanged with diligence. Company Rating is calculated based on your Cash Received of a week in comparison with the last. The higher your current Rating, the better car you can buy. Each type of car can be exchanged once.


Click on the rotating Globe at the bottom of the screen to open the Map panel. Find Garage on the Map and then click on it to enter the garage.

Check out your cars in the garage.