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INLAND (S8) Welcomes Adventurers


INLAND (S8) will be launched at 03:00 on May 17, 2013*. Be ready to build your kingdom in the new territory. Exciting events have been prepared from which you can win tons of rewards. Have a blast in the new server!


Based on the latest business management model, Bit Tycoon is the first hyper-real business simulation game operated by ClapAlong, creating a unique business environment and bringing fresh management experience for players.


In Biz Tycoon, becoming a boss, a billionaire, a property giant or an industry monopoly will no longer be a dream. All the beautiful ladies, the luxurious limos and the grand villas will come around you. Relax yourself in the fun land and make a wonderful career in it!



* S8 Opening Time

03:00:00 Fri. May 17, 2013 (PST, Server Time)

07:00:00 Fri. May 17, 2013 (EDT);


11:00:00 Fri. May 17, 2013 (GMT).