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Newbie Card

 Get your Newbie Card at the bottom of the website. Choose the  server and then click "Get My Code".

Rewards inside the Newbie Card

a. 100 Token;

b. 100,000 Cash;



1. Each Newbie Card can only be used ONCE.

2. There are only a limited number of Newbie Cards. First come, first served.

3.A player must reach level 5 before using the Newbie Card code.

4.Using the Newbie Card cannot upgrade CEO LVL0 to CEO LVL1.

+++ How to use your Newbie Card code +++

a. Click on the rotating Globe to enter the Map.

b. Find Activity on the Map and then click on it to enter.

c. Enter your code and then claim your rewards.


Copy this code and back to Diz. Click the "Gift"icon at the upper left corner and paste this code to claim your rewards.